Diana Zbinden

esthétique médicale

About Me

For 25 years now, Ms. Diana Zbinden has been performing medical cosmetology treatments.
She started her professional career in La Clinique La Prairie in Clarens-Montreux, where she had been practicing for about ten years.

She then developed a programme of medical cosmetology and mesotherapy treatments in collaboration with Dr. Luc Moudon in Lausanne Palace & SPA.

For years now, Ms. Diana has enjoyed an excellent reputation in the Lausanne region and also abroad. That’s why so many people come from afar to take advantage of customised treatments.

Adapted Face and Body Care

Over time, Ms. Diana Zbinden has developed her own programme based on gentle, non-aggressive skin care without side effects, with progressive and long-term effects.
Her treatments are customised individually, exclusive and depend on the needs and conditions of each skin.


In cooperation with many doctors, Ms. Diana Zbinden has developed her own mesotherapy technique. It is based on local very superficial micro-injections (subcutaneous, intracutaneous) of small doses of the product.

Mesotherapy has been very successful worldwide for several years. It provides excellent results in the following cases:

  • Face, neck, décolletage and hands rejuvenation.
  • Preventing and treating hair loss.

Mesotherapy of the face, neck and décolletage, called mesolifting, prevents premature aging of the skin, reduces fine wrinkles and increases its tension.


Mesotherapy is very effective in the prevention and treatment of hair loss. This method prevents hair loss and reactivates the natural regrowth process. Its formula is unique and high quality, it stimulates hair bulbs with long-lasting effect.

Ms. Diana starts with an interview which allows for a proper diagnosis. This 30-minute consultation is free and non-binding.
Then, she proposes a programme of treatments. Some customers choose a basic programme lasting one month. Others prefer to set up a longer programme, for example three-month.
Each planning is individual and fully tailored to the person concerned.

The products for face mesotherapy and anti-hair loss come from renowned laboratories – FILORGA and REVITACARE.
It is a real vitamin cocktail with a low dose of hyaluronic acid.


Offer of treatments

Combining excellent cosmetics with appropriate care methods, we achieve long-lasting effects, beneficial not only for the skin but also for the whole body. We invite you to familiarise yourself with our full offer.
esthétique médicale
esthétique médicale